Patients’ stories

Marie-Rose Bircher

After more than 20 years of suffering, I met Prof. Dr. med. Clément WERNER in summer 2014 by chance and had my first consultation. The treatment that followed was a unique experience.

Since spring 2015 my mobility has come back, I have hardly complained, have a full range of motion and I’m back leading hiking tours. I now have a quality of life that I did not have for more than 20 years.

I’m truly grateful for this enormous gift. Every single day when I get up in the morning I can almost not believe that the results are so ideal. Before the surgery, I was desperate because of the pain and
loss of function. I’m truly thankful and hope that many more patients can experience the same.

Michael Vogt

The time before the surgery I hardly could walk, not even sit, and not even lying in bed for a full night.

I was suffering 24/7 of severe pain. After the surgery done by Prof. Dr. med. C. WERNER I’ve got my previous life quality back. I’m completely free of any complaints, I’m even able to sit normally, to walk, and to lie without any pain.